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As a general rule you will receive your documents the same day you order them, often within the hour when ordered during office hours. If ordered outside of office hours, your documents will be provided as soon as possible the following working day.

Title Registers and Title Plans

These two documents are the official documents proving ownership (or non-ownership) of a property. They are packed with information relating to ownership, tenure, purchase price, mortgages, date of purchase, easements and covenants. Together, they contain all the information needed to prove ownership.

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The Burdens form the D section of the Title Register and are made up from the Deeds. This section contains a preamble summarising the nature and parties to the respective Burdens and is then followed by the Burden detail. The detail is considerable, describing the covenants, easements, boundaries and agreements in minute detail.

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Sasine Registers

Property records prior to registration of title were kept in one or more of the Sasine Registers. There are 3 different Sasine Registers, namely the Post-1993 records, Post-1959 records and Pre-1959 records. We search all 3 of these Registers and provide whatever documents are available for your property.

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