Land Registers and Conveyancing Searches for Scotland

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Title Register, Title Plan and Burdens Land Registry Title Register

Ownership records in Scotland include Title Registers, Title Plans, Burdens and Sasine Registers.

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The Title Register (Property Register) is one of the 2 main documents of title (often called Title Deeds). It contains a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the owners, purchase price, name & address of mortgagee and details of other charges, notices, restrictions, easements and covenants.
Finding Land with No Postal Address Land Registry Title Plan

This is a specialised search where no readily available method of identifying the property by its address or registered number is available.

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A detailed outline of the property and its location in relation to its surroundings, often with detailed and coloured markings illustrating rights of way, land affected by covenants and easements, watercourses, other rights. It shows the curtilage of the property edged in red.
Other Land Registry Documents Registered Old Deeds

Sasine Registers, Property Boundaries, Rights of Way, Inhibitions, Property Prices, History Searches, Neighbourhood, etc.

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These include Title Registers where there is no postal address, Leases, Deeds & Documents, Common Land, Boundaries, Rights of Way, Neighbourhood, Prior copies of the Title Register, Tenancy in Common conversions, Insolvency, Index Maps, Lists of Properties Owned by Individuals or Companies and more.

Scottish Ownership Records

Title Registers describe details of the property, its ownership and matters affecting the title such as covenants, rights of way and mortgages. The Title Plan is a large scale OS based plan with an outline of the property and those nearby.



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Whole of UK and Ireland

We can obtain ownership information for all land, anywhere in the UK or Ireland so long as the property is registered.


Even if it is not registered we can still obtain this information in Scotland.


Professional Independent Specialists

UKLRS is a private organisation and we procure our documents with the consent of various Government offices and environmental search agents throughout Great Britain. We are independent and are not affiliated with Government offices.

Postal Address not necessary

We can obtain copies of Land Registry documents for any registered property, even where there is no postal address as is the case with fields, moorland, woodland, building plots, derelict buildings, waste sites, lanes, alleyways, rivers, lakes, ancient monuments and grass verges.Search by Map



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